Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012

New Month , New Spirit :D

autumn, foot, leaves, light, october, orange

hello, leaves, nature, october, tree
Oh October! You are already here.
Now i meet you again,,   
its hard to believe, time flies so fast.

cute, doodle, emo, hello, october, sharpie 
Surely there's not much more exciting than the first day of October. I smile and i cry in first day of october because i read a message from someone :
"you might me crazy
how i told you that you only make me dont afraid to fly and try"
Today we step out into October and there are thirty more days of it ahead.
There are wonders ahead for us and as long as we keep our eyes opened and our hearts smiling, we'll enjoy every day of it.

envelope, face, girl, smile, smiley face 
September is done :)
Now is October :') 
New month is new spirit :)

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